Taiwan- Sparkling sun and the mystical moon

An idyllic country for all kinds of adventure

If you want to indulge in a plethora of activities and experience diverse unexplored sights then Taiwan is the country for you as it lies on the western edge of the Pacific “rim of fire” off the southeastern coast of the Chinese mainland a convenient gateway to Asia. Due to continuous tech tonic movements there is a myriad of landscapes ranging from majestic peaks, rolling hills, hot springs,stunning coastline available for sightseeing along with a perfect amalgamation of culture and history.Taiwan is catching the attention of travelers all over the world and its superb location has made it an ideal tourist destination.

One of the top tourist attraction in Taiwan is the Sun Moon lake being the largest lake,situated in Nantoy country’s Yuchi township lying near the centre of the country. It is beautiful and romantic and an ideal destination for a relaxed holiday or even an idyllic honeymoon. The eastern part of the lake is round like the sun and the western side is shaped like a crescent moon, hence the name “Sun Moon Lake”. The juxtaposition of mountain and water combined with the lake’s 760-meter elevation gives the impression of a Chinese landscape painting with the crystal clear waters reflecting various shades of turquoise and green. The clear surface of the lake along with the misty surrounding mountains gives it an almost ethereal appearance making it a very popular destination for weddings, honeymooning couples and family holidays! The movement of the mist on the lake make it look unique each time and you can see a different scenery every few minutes.

Sun Moon Lake

The spectacular Sun Moon Lake reverberates and sparkles with the beautiful fireworks and music every year as a part of tourist carnival activities and this year also promises to be equally interesting when the festival kicks off in October and continues till November!
The reflection of brilliant bursts of color and fiery trails of light on the still calm of the lake’s crystalline surface leaves visitors with unforgettable memories of the area and its beauty. The Festival is also full of music performances, orchestra, dance, cinema and events galore to keep up spirit of the crowds. The events are spread out over the weekends in October and November and will include the Sun Moon Lake Music Festival, Taiwan Mobile Concert, Taiwan Cycling Festival, National Day Celebration Concert, Movies in Concert, Piano Recital and much more.

Water Rafting in Hualien-min

The best way to see Sun Moon Lake is to take a stroll along its shores or ride a bicycle along the road circling the lake, and soak up the tranquility and peace of nature. You could also board a public boat that run here frequently or rent a rowboat and cruise over the waves as you take in the glories of the mountains and waters.

For Information: www.taiwan.net.tw


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