Solo Cycling Expedition Day 34 – Kanyakumari to Khardung la


Solo Cycling Expedition
Sunita Singh Choken

Day 34, August 17, 2017, Pandoh to Nagar

Distance – 84 kilometres

Duration -10 hours

With little Saddam Hussain
Sunita Singh Choken With little Saddam Hussain

On the night of August 16-17, 2017 while the main protagonist of the Solo Cycling Expedition, Sunita Singh Choken was fast asleep in the small Himalayan village of Pandoh, her younger sister Jen was  in a bus travelling from Rewari  to Manali where she would merry up with Sunita. “I do whatever Sunita does”, an excited Jen told  us while discussing her plans to accompany her elder sister on the last most challenging leg of the expedition from Manali to Khardungla.  A runner and a mountaineer, Jen will be trying her hand at long distance cycling for the first time.

We also protect the environment
We also protect the environment

Sunita left her hotel at Pandoh early as she decided to stop briefly at Pandoh dam before proceeding further. She met a early morning visitor who comes every to the dam every day before going to school-young and confident Saddam Hussain. The youngster was well expecting the reaction of amusement he got from Sunita on hearing his name . Sunita was further amused when this eight year old kid very ‘matter of  factly’ told her that he would be able to accompany her till the end of the path but after that she would have to proceed alone.

It was a tedious uphill climb but the beautiful surroundings were a great solace. A girl bornto  be in the mountains her dreams and aspirations

Swacch Bharat mission
Swacch Bharat mission

revolve around  snow capped peaks and the ardous tracks leading to them.   While cycling Sunita gets a lot of time to think and she already has a plan for her next two expeditions- one to an unnamed peak and the other to Manuslu  which is the eighth highest peak in the world at 8,163 metres.. Sunita who has scaled Everest wants to climb all 14 peaks which are higher than 8000 metres above sea level.  Her heart is set on the Manslu expedition scheduled for September 2017 but raising funds for it is Sunitas concern and she is looking for a sponsor. 

By the time Sunita reached Kullu it was lunch time and all the uphill cycling had given Sunita quite an appetite. She had a sumptuous lunch and proceeded for Naggar. Her next stop was at Patli Kulh where she was pleasantly surprised to meet her mountaineer friend Manu who had come from Naggar to receive her and Jen.  Jen and Manu proceeded to Naggar in a car  while Sunita followed  huffing and panting as she cycled uphill the  fifteen plus kilometers from Patli Kulh to Naggar.  The sisters spent the night at the home of their Uncle Shri Rana who is a retired Forest Ranger and has a nice comfortable house in Naggar where he has settled with his wife, son ( fondly called Masterji), daughter-in-law and grand children.

Its not only planting trees that is important. We need to ensure that they are planted in the right way, in the right soil, receive the right nutrients so that they grow into healthy trees. The same is true for children- the right values, the right education and the right food is needed to help them grow into good human beings.

Kulli- Near yet far- Steep uphill
Kulli- Near yet far- Steep uphill

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  1. All the best Sunithaji. After reading your 34 days Solo cycle expedition & inspiration , I am also planning to take a 15 day ride on cycle with caption “Earn Income in Dharmic way ,Pay Income Tax & make our motherland Bharath economically strong& Viswa Guru” inspired by our Rajya Rishi Hon.Prime Minister of India sri.Narendra Bhai Modiji. Regards Govindan Unni, Chartered accountant, Puthur Palakkad, Kerala

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