Solo Cycling Expedition Day 30 – Kanyakumari to Khardung la


Sunita Singh Choken Solo Cycling Expedition
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Day 30 , August 13, 2017, Kurukshetra to Fatehgarh Sahib,                          

Distance- 105 kilometres.                                                  

Duration- 9 hours. 

Sunita at Brahmasarovar - Solo Cycling expedition
Sunita at Brahma sarovar

The  Day Thirty of the Solo Cycling Expedition commenced auspiciously with a visit to the holy Brahmsarovar which

Welcome of Sunita Singh Choken by kheri gujran and pasina people
Mohindar Singh, Krishan Kumar, Lakhwinder Singh, Swaran Fauji, Devraj Fauji,Joginder Singh Dudhan Gujran, Sonu Gujar

according to the Hindu mythology  is the cradle of human civilization as created by Lord Brahma. Here she was welcomed by officials and members of Maharaja Shiksha Samman Yojna.   In addition  Om Sat Gurudevji , Shri Hansraj, Mrs  Rajbala and other members of Omni Sangha were also there. Infact, a large crowd had also gathered to meet Sunita Singh Choken who after surmounting the Everest had now taken up this challenging mission. As Sunita cycled around Brahm sarovar she remembered her college days when this used to be her running route every morning as a part of her physical training regime.                        

Sunita Singh Choken Sunita at Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib
Sunita at Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib

Sunita then pedalled off for Patiala which was originally planned as her stopover for the night. The felicitations continued through the way right from Kurukshetra to Patiala. It was divine destiny calling as Sunita decided to bypass Patiala and head straight for Fatehgarh Sahib Gurudwara and seek blessings .                

Patiala to Amarnathji Cave
Patiala to Amarnathji Cave

Sunita immediately struck a chord with another cyclist who was returning from a religious mission. Soon the two were exchanging notes. This gentleman  had cycled from Patiala to Amarnath Cave and was now almost back home to Patiala. Sunita carefully observed his cycle which had been modified to hold a shrine of God, some luggage and most importantly a hood which provided protection from the harsh sun- something Sunita was really missing as she braved the hot sun  throughout the day.     

Grand Welcome of Sunita Singh Choken by the people of village Gujran & Pasiana
Grand Welcome of Sunita Singh Choken by the people of village Gujran & Pasiana

Sunita reached the Gurudwara and  sought shelter in this sacred home of God for the night. Though Sunita was a stranger to the management committee of the Gurudwara they ensured that she be comfortable .  She enjoyed her meal at the “langar” and with a heartful of gratitude to God as she went to sleep in her peaceful surroundings she  thought “Religion is all about humanity- if we can serve others it is the best service to God

Media Coverage of Solo Cycling Expedition
Media Coverage

 Omni Sangha Special thanks to the “Omni Sangha” NGO for supporting this noble mission.

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