Solo Cycling Expedition Day 3 – Kanyakumari to Khardungla

Solo Cycling Expedition: Day 3

Sunita Singh Choken TV Interview
Sunita Singh Choken TV Interview

Day 3, July 17, 2017-  Kayamkullam to Aluva (via Kochi)

Distance cycled- 130 kilometres.            

Duration – 7 hours 30 minutes. 

Her solitary journey began with the crack of dawn at 5 in the morning for her destination, not a more glamorous and oft traveled location of Kochi but  the sleepy town of Aluva.The idea was to reach the remotest part of the scenic Kerala and to carry the message to every corner of the country.

Sunita believes”Disability is in the head. A strong will power is all that is required to overcome all challenges.

She was met by another winner like her, Joby Mathew who has won medals at Paralympic and was a Gold medalist at 29th World arm wrestling championship at Spain A great source of inspiration he gave Sunita’s mission a new flavor.

Sunita Meeting Paralympic Winner
Gold medalist at 29th World arm wrestling championship Joby Mathews and his family at Aluva

Sunita took a break at Kochi where she had lunch at the Ramakrishna Ashram.

Special thanks to the “Omni Sangha” NGO for supporting this noble mission.Omni Sangha

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