Solo Cycling Expedition Day 29 – Kanyakumari to Khardung la


Solo Cycling Expedition Sunita Singh Choken
Solo Cycling Expedition Sunita Singh Choken

Day 29, August 12, 2017, Hissar to Kurukshetra.             

Distance- 180 kilometres.                 

                          Duration – 10 hours                                          

Sunita was excited today as she was travelling to the city where she has  spent two good years of her life- Kurukshetra the city of her alma matar Kurukshetra University from where she completed her Masters in Physical Education. College days are a treasure trove of lots of memories and Sunita was hoping to spend a little time down the memory lane in  the historic town of Kurukshetra aka Dharmakshetra as she left Hissar. Kurukshetra is known for the epic battle of Mahabharata and this is  where the strains of Bhagvad Gita were heard as Lord Krisna preached.          

After a sumptuous breakfast at Mr Pardeep Nehras home in Hissar,  Sunita  left at around 9:00 am for her next destination. Mr Pardeep Nehra is the owner of Ford Motors and Volkswagen Motors at Hissar and had made all logistic arrangements for Sunitas stay in Hissar including her reception at Hissar yesterday.                  

Sunita was overwhelmed to see the support for her mission build up . At every village she crossed there were groups of people waiting  with gifts, garlands, monetary contributions, snacks and lots of good wishes.  “It was a very hot day and I had to cover a distance of 180 kilometres. On more than one occasion I wanted to break journey   but the enthusiasm  of my supporters and their confidence in me kept me going”, said Sunita.       

Welcome at Gurjar Dharamshala Kurukshetra of Sunita Singh Choken
Sunita Singh Choken Welcome at Gurjar Dharamshala Kurukshetra

A grand welcome at the Gurjar Dharamshala  Kurukshetra awaited her as a   spirited Sunita reached Kurukshetra. There was no trace of her days.exhausting journey as she adressed the huge gathering there sharing her stories.  Om Sat Gurudevji and his team from OmniSangha who are sponsoring this expedition were there throughout the route today cheering up the cyclist.                        

Sunita was honoured as her dinner today was hosted by the ex Vice Chancellor of her alma mater , Dr ML Ranga.Dr Ranga  was the Health minister in the Haryana Government and three times Vice Chancellor of various universities in Haryana. Advocate Shri Gyan Gurjar ji the Pradhan of Gurjar Sabha Kurukshetra was also there to give his blessings to the young girl on a mission.              

I urge all the young boys and girls to live their life with a goal- a goal which contributes to the betterment of society. Sincerity and a sense of purpose is all that is needed to make the world a better place“, is Sunitas message to the youth of our country.

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