Solo Cycling Expedition Day 27 – Kanyakumari to Khardungla


Everester Sunita Singh Choken
Everester Sunita Singh Choken

Day 27, August 10, 2017Sikar to Alsisar

Distance –  95 kilometres

Duration – 6 hours

Sunita Singh CHoken with Jain Muni Tarun Sagarji
At Munijis’ ashram

Today Sunita was headed for the small town Alsisar in the Jhunjhunu district  of Sekhawati region of

Sunita Singh Choken With followers of Jain Muni Tarunji - Solo Cycling Expedition
With followers of Jain Muni Tarunji

Rajasthan. It is known for its extreme temperatures and havelis and cenotaphs. But how could her well wishers let her leave without taking the blessings of the revered Jain Muni Tarun Sagarji who is known for his revolutionary  views on common society related issues.  His followers are not only Jains but also people from other sects and religions. He blessed Sunita and commended her efforts towards the cause. Sunita was  struck by his  humility as he extended his support to Sunitas mission. Sunita is on a Solo Cycling expedition from Kanyakumari  to Khardung la to spread awareness about the ‘ Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ mission and environment consciousness.

Sunita then cycled towards Jhunjhunu- word had already reached about her courageous journey .Its not everyday that one comes across the likes of Sunita who take on challenges for the greater cause of humanity. Everybody who got to hear of her wanted to meet her and give their good wishes. Staff from the LIC also welcomed her. A  function had been arranged at Kasturi Gandhi Government School where she met the children and staff and inspired them.

Sunita Singh Choken Inspiring young minds
Inspiring young minds

From Jhunjhunu she headed straight for Alsisar. “It was here in this town of Rajasthan that I got a true

Sunita Singh Choken - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
With Vasudev Dabhai,Bholaramji and Nareshji

feel of Rajasthan- the Rajasthan one reads and hears about”, said Sunita as she got time today to explore the town.  This small town is very rich in customs and traditions which is reflected in the lifestyle of the people even today. The family she was staying with still had the rural charm retained in the way their house was designed, the way they dressed, the food they ate and the customs they followed. She pondered over the diversity, “ There is a contrast between the doctors house I stayed at yesterday at Sikar with all modern amenities and the family i stayed with today at Alsisar. Yet a common thread binds the two- holding on to their traditions of hospitality and simplicity which is their identity , which people of this colourful state have been able to uphold”.

Sunita Singh Choken The doctors family at Sikar
The doctors family at Sikar

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