Rashmi Nigam- Effervescence finds expression in her Art


IMG-20160628-WA0007Every corporate professional has a dream to chuck the drudgery of clock -less work life and pursue a passion but not many are able to live this dream. Once in the rut of corporate life it keeps one like a captive where dreams gradually suffocate and eventually die. Rashmi Nigam, a free spirited, effervescent artist could not be held bounded by the lure of moolah or the farce that lives in the corner office. She had the spunk in her to liberate herself from the monotony of routine even before she began to dream.

A NIFT post graduate from Chennai, she had an array of vistas open for her. She could have become a designer, a fashion model, a corporate trendsetter or a social butterfly with her trailblazer persona. After several stints with corporate offices and export houses she learnt that a 9 to 5 job is not for her. Although she had nothing inIMG-20160628-WA0011 sight for an alternate career she chose to give her time and spent many years in introspection.  It was not easy, as she became an easy target for orthodox who believed a professional degree is a waste without a handsome salary. Undeterred by their persistent poking she remained determined to wait for her true calling.

One day she perfunctorily made some expressions with water colors which wereIMG-20160628-WA0008 highly appreciated. Encouraged by the compliments, but still unsure, she created some abstracts with acrylic. She discovered that she was immensely enjoying it and kept trying her hands on it. Creativity comes to her naturally and gradually her idyllic pastime became a passion. She started spending hours and hours painting and it did not go unnoticed by the people close to her. Visitors to her home looked at her creations with awe and wanted her work for their homes.  Her   first exhibition in her home town was a roaring success. Her Facebook page was getting thunderous responses and before she realized she was a sought after artist.IMG-20160628-WA0009


What is so delectable about her work is the riot of vibrant colors. Her abstracts sync perfectly with the décor of any drawing room setting and give meaning to the walls. Her favorite is the portrayal of Buddha through which her spirituality finds expression.  Her adorable acrylics on Ganesha, in several avatars, have been the hot sellers.

“I am happy as can be and feel truly blessed” says Rashmi, who feels her grit to follow her heart against all odds has taken her where she proudly stands now. Offroadrs team wishes her all success and the very best in life. May there be more people who seek happiness and achieve it.


Rashmi Nigam can be contacted at https://m.facebook.com/rashmiartinnovation/

Her contact number is 9990501505


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