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Shanti Stupa

White and pristine, majestically perched atop Chamspa hilltop overlooking the mystical town of Leh in the Laddakh district of Jammu and Kashmir is the Shanti Stupa. Built in 1991 to commemorate 2500 years of Buddhism it was built by Japanese Buddhist Gyomyo Nakamura and was inaugurated by his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The two level stupa has the relics of Buddha and is decorated with colourful statues depicting the four stages of life. It’s a good idea to walk up to the base of the  stupa  as this helps in acclimatization though a motorable road also can take you up there. As you climb up the 600 steps leading to the top of the stupa you experience true ‘shanti’. A panoramic view of snow clad Zanskar mountains on one side and sprawling Leh town on the other makes the climb worthwhile and is a shutterbugs delight.

The stupa is open from 5am to 9 pm and it is recommended that sunrise and sunset are best viewed from here. My personal take would be to catch the sunset and then see Leh from the heights as the lights of the town are turned on. The stupa too is beautifully illuminated and looks breathtaking against a clear star studded night sky.


  1. I must say this picture of shanti stupa is breath takingly beautiful. I have very fond memories of Leh – I visited about 22 years back. The intoxicating view from Shanti stupa is still fresh in my mind. Time to visit again

  2. Reliving some of the best days of my life. Was at stupa almost 20 year back. Definitely worth a visit again. Om mani padmeham.

  3. I visited Leh in 1985 missed stupa as it was built in 1991.l must visit Leh again to witness sun rise and sun set and achieve peace of mind.

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