An Ode to flat Tyre Samaritans

Women can be fighter pilots, mountaineers, rally drivers and can accomplish any other Herculean tasks with ease but they are totally hapless when faced with a flat tyre. Tyres also have this very unreasonable and unusual ways of going flat on us without slightest warning. There you are driving happily on a smooth road, humming along the song on the radio and you suddenly spot some Scooterist making weird gestures pointing towards the bottom of the car. You, Unsuspecting as you are, try to fathom the signal; No! It can’t be! Not again! Your shiny tyres that lookedFlatTyre so perfectly round can’t go flat on you yet again! But alas, you do notice the change in the smoothness of your drive and know it’s true; once again your car wheels have betrayed you. You curse the auto engineering that, even in such advance age, could not create puncture proof Tyres. Once the fact is accepted the next plan of action needs to be decided. There is a spare Tyre in your trunk alright, and you have thorough know-how of dealing with it. The muddy, crappy hopeless Tyres stare at you and you look at your freshly painted nails… You then join your hands together and start praying for the savior who you know will come and rescue you like he always does. I am talking about the men who are unfailingly there to lend a helping hand at these trying moments. I want to pay deepest tribute and gratitude to these selfless, chivalrous, valiant men who come forward to pull us out of the appalling situation.

I have gone through this state many times over and have come out of it like a breeze. Today I want to show gratitude towards my innumerable guardian angels  who appear from nowhere to help me out, not once, not twice, but as many times as I get into this trouble. All I need to do is, look very sad, helpless, a true damsel in distress; No theatrics required here because that is how I truly feel. He never fails me; my savior appears sometimes on a cycle, sometimes pillion riding a scooter or sometimes in a swanky Car. He never waits to have a dialogue and only confirms if I need help. The work’s done in a jiffy and there he disappears as quickly as he appeared. My awkward proposal for compensation is almost always pooh-poohed.

I have tried to analyze the psychology of these good Samaritans; (not that I’m complaining) what guides them? What is the driving force? I can’t find an answer. They are the torch-bearers of goodness in this dark world. A symbol of valor, courtesy, courage and heroism these men are hope to a decaying society. They are not men in uniform, they Girl carare not duty-bound to help women in distress yet, they are there to offer help in real situations and are then forgotten. They are nameless, faceless heroes who we women will always remain indebted to. Their service to the society may go unnoticed and many women may give real credit to their own beauty and allow their vanity to get a boost through this but, a solid upbringing and a robust value system is behind these courageous men. I salute thee ‘the glorious ‘Flat Tyre Samaritans’!


Photo courtesy : Photos obtained through google search.

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