Nukkad Natak and the change agents- Ek Awaaz

Youth have the power to change. They are the leaders for tomorrow. Society bestows its trust on their young energy which has the potential to move mountains and change the flow of the stream, given the right direction. At the same time, society remains skeptical towards them because their unyielding nature is often construed as rebellion.

Proving this skepticism wrong is young and vibrant group of students from Gurgaon which has taken society to task by spreading awareness towards various social causes and imparting hard hitting messages for change. Their tool is ‘Nukkad Natak’ and they call themselves ‘Ek Awaaz’. Their firm motto is “Either be the change or bring the change“.

MarathonIt all began when a bunch of college freshers, exuding talent, met on campus.  Their individual attempts in drama and theatre had failed for want of a real platform but their dreams persisted. They decided to do something together and their common interest and goals showed them the path of ‘Nukad Natak. This form of drama comes with a cause and fortunately does not require expensive infrastructure like a huge stage, mikes or props, which this young group was finding hard to manage. The only wherewithal for Nukkad Natak was talent and there was no dearth of that in this spirited group. They started performing together and the unassuming, inconsequential group became celebrity not only in their own college but everywhere they performed.

This bubbly but somber group of about twenty, all in their early twenties, is a divergent flock of diverse backgrounds.Nukkad2 There is hardly anything common in them except for their eye for societal issues and love for theatre. Their educational background is multifarious like engineering, management and media. This diversity helped them define their roles and organize themselves. Deepak and Omankit bring the concepts and are the driving force. Piyush manages the music and creates an interesting cacophony with Thali, Lathis, drums and pots and pans. Being the Media students, Harsh and Yash are the editors. Katyayani and Shobhit manage the photography. Mayur, Saumya, Riya, Neil, Ujjwal, Nitish, Gaurav, Akanksha,Piyush, Urvashi, Shreya and Varsha are self driven actors who give their heart and soul to their performance. Their power packed performances evoke awe and shock and cannot go unnoticed.

DanceThe group is passionate about women’s issues and persistently voices its opinion on women’s safety and empowerment, girl child, female feticide etc. They have found recognition too and won an award in Channel V through wild card entry. They are also collaborating with prestigious names like Heromoto Corp, Civil services wing Gurgaon, Transportation Dept of Haryana, Haryana police, Yoddhas- Indians fighting against cancer and many other NGOs. These young performers may not be the soldiers fighting the enemies across the borders but are fighting more fearsome enemy- evils of the society. Their weapons are emotions and rhetoric, not guns. They want to win over the hearts of people with powerful emotions. What binds this veritable group of young artists? Love!  Deepak and Omankit say in unison with gleam in their eyes.

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  1. “Thanks”, this tiny word cannot express our gratitude for Offroaders :-)
    But still, we owe you for acknowledging our efforts and inputs (y)
    “Either be the change or bring the change”…….

  2. Thank You Deepak,
    Stay tuned with for more exciting stories. You may like series of stories on ‘Solo Cycling Expedition’ of ‘Everester Sunita Singh Chocken’ from Kanyakumari to Kardungla with mission of ‘Beti Bachawo, Beti Padhawo’. Please do not forget to share and circulate the below URL among your friends and peer for wider reach of this noble cause.

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