‘Must have’ accessories for every biker



There are motorcyclists and there are bikers. What differentiates the two is the pride with which a biker selects his accessories . Here is a comprehensive list of must haves for a biker venturing out on his mean machine.

  1. bikebulletBike jacket and trouser/riding suit– All weather jacket costs about Rs 6000/- and trousers about Rs 5000/-. Plethora of brands are available. Indian brands include Rynox and Cramster.
  2. bikebulletGood quality riding gloves– A good pair costs within Rs 1000/- . Popular brands available are Alpine star and Scoyo
  3. bikebulletHelmet preferably full faced double visor-The helmet should be DOT certified. The approximate cost is Rs 5000/-.Brands available are THH, LS2 and Alpine star
  4. bikebulletSun glasses– Biker sunglasses available at Oakley, Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield cost around Rs 5000/-
  5. bikebulletTail bag-The tail bag should be of ideally of capacity enough to carry stuff for minimum 4 days. Many good brands are available in India at an approximate cost of Rs 3000/-
  6. bikebulletSaddle or fork bag-This can be used for keeping documents. A thigh bag will also serve the purpose. Approximate cost would be about Rs. 3000/-.
  7.  bikebulletTank bag – This can be used if you have more stuff and also to keep water bottles. A word of  caution- this may put scratches on the fuel tank. Approximate cost Rs. 3000/-
  8. bikebulletGood shoes – As per your comfort you can use riding boots or DMS but it is important that they should cover the ankle. Approximate cost Rs. 6000/-
  9. bikebulletPuncture repair kit – Approximate cost Rs. 1000/-
  10.  bikebulletFuel carrying Bags – You may need these when going on long rides in remote areas and fuel tank has less    capacity approximate cost Rs. 4000/-
  11. bikebulletCamera – Good camera for capturing those indelible moments is a must. Cost……… no limits
  12. bikebulletMobile Holder / Carrying case fitted on the bike – Approximate cost Rs. 1000/-
  13. bikebullet Bluetooth headset for taking calls while on the move – Approximate cost around Rs. 10,000/- for the ones which fit on helmet .
  14. bikebulletMobile charger approximate cost Rs. 1000/-. Popular brand Bolt.

In addition to the above a bikers kit should also have a torch, knife (preferably Swiss knife),pepper spray for personal protection and a pen and diary.

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