Humbling Parkinn Star Thali

For a regular diner a Thali may appear to be a humble choice associated only with roadside eateries and Dhabas. What comes to mind is a huge round platter with assortment of vegetables and Dals mostly tasting the same. A banner marketing a Thali outside a star hotel is definitely an unusual sight. But, Thali is what everyone’s talking about at Parkinn Manesar. Their Chef Ashwini, who’d otherwise be meddling with some Indian and continental delicacies is excitedly talking about a Thali! A veg Thali for 175/- and a Non Veg Thali for 250/. Surprised? It’s true! Parkinn recently came out with Thali option to compete with the Dhabas on NH 8 that attract the passerbys with their limited but delicious options.

Now compare Dhabas with the neat and sauvé ambience of Parkinn and who would not like to stop by for a clean air-conditioned option for a bite. It won’t disappoint you either. The assortment is more than one can ask for the price paid. After cooling butter milk serving the Thali arrives with two vegetables, two Dals, a Paneer dish, (which is replaced with a mutton or chicken in case you ordered a non-veg Thali) crispy Tandoori Paranthas and a decent helping of rice. It’s all served with the signature style of Parkinn, by polite and courteous attendants. It’s quite a repast and a very welcome change from the dusty Dhabas, especially because you know you are not going to experience it anywhere else on the road ahead.

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