Glitz and Glamour at Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

FB_IMG_1463380239566Amusement Park, Fun Center, Museums, Garden, Theater and everything else you need for fun filled adventure is here at Ramoji Film City.img1464194699011
It is located in Hyderabad, spread across two thousand acres. Known to be the world’s largest film city. You’ll be taken through a fascinating one day tour . One of the finest recreation center I have ever visited in my life.

Ramoji Film City offers both natural and artificial attraction.You might loose out on the real excitement if I mention everything about this place. To keep the zeal alive, I won’t give much detailing but just a brief overview.

Few tips for the trip :
– Avoid taking your own transport, prefer a bus booking because the vehicle needs to be parked at entrance.
– Keep aside a budget of approximately one thousand per head.
– Wear comfortable footwear , there is a lot to walk.
– Don’t carry snacks as outside food is not allowed. Carry maximum water to drink.
– Avoid the visit during peak summer, you might have trouble with heat.
– People of all age group have something in store here. So don’t miss out anyone in the family.
– Entry begins at around 9 am, reach as early as possible to avoid rushing up in last hour . You will be able to cover the entire tour and cover maximum shows.
– Most importantly, for people who love photography, carry back up battery. Every sight of the tour is worth a click.


Considering the area this venue covers, one might think it to be a crowded place, which is incorrect. I was really amazed the way Ramoji Film City is organised and systematic. Not even for one second you will feel lost. Its neither time restricted nor tour guide bounded. FB_IMG_1463380153300You will get your own time and space to relish each and every corner of the place. Initially you will be taken for a sho ride on a trendy red bus in which the guide will welcome you and  showcase the area of the film city as much as he can. You will encounter multiple sets enroute where famous movies were shot. The bus takes a halt at multiple points wherein you can go and visit airport, railway station of ‘Jab We Met’ , Japenese Garden, set of Mahabharata,  etc.



If you are lucky, you might get a chance to witness few live shooting as well. During the first half of the day you would be visiting various garden- Colour Garden, Japanese FB_IMG_1463379968007Garden,Rock Garden, Butterfly Garden, Hawa Mahal, Chinese Park and many more such artificial and natural attractions. FB_IMG_1463380169671What impressed me more is the creativity of artists who were involved in the setting up of this place. At various place you would get amused by the natural things which in real were man made. This place brings together nature and imagination. What you see may or may not be real. You might see huge multi- storied buildings which aren’t actually real.

My personal favourite during first half of the visit was the bird park. It had a collection of more than 500 types of birds from across countries. Ranging from Ostrich to Swan. I was overwhelmed to see such rare beautiful creations of God at one place. Most likely you will cross this place in the afternoon, and the artificial waterfall near bird park would definitely cool you down. This would be followed by visits to Buddha cave and bonsai garden. By the end of which you’ll be directed towards the food court for lunch. (Simple Indian Menu and reasonably priced ).



FB_IMG_1463379557227Post lunch the location you enter is ‘Filmy Duniya‘. Full on entertainment packed corner. It has everything you can relate to movies, shooting, action. The committee has ensured to cover each aspect of the Bollywood world. The technology, creativity, hardwork, ideas, talent, systems which work behind the screen is what the owner Mr Ramoji Rao intended to depict in Filmy Duniya. Action, drama, thrill, comedy, horror, fantasy – you will experience all of it at this place. Various shows are conducted post lunch at this location. Show timings of respective theatre would be mentioned in the guide you  receive at the entrance. You can choose FB_IMG_1463379906086from the schedule as per your interest.

Towards the evening while the Sun sets , the fun for kids begins. Various joy rides, games, tattoo , water park is what you will enjoy. During festive season there would be live concerts and shows going on in the evening, if time and energy permits you can witness these live shows too.

Words will fall short to pen down experience of this one day fascinating tour. If you ever get a chance to visit Hyderabad, keep aside one day for Ramoji Film City. It changes the perception of creativity. You realise the true value of movie making – wherein we don’t really get to see the 80% of the hardwork gone behind the screens.

” Imagination becomes reality only through creativity ”

Stay Creative !!
Author ~Merlin


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