Feel fresh at Freshies Gourmet – Hyderabad

The times when I was working out, around 8 kms of evening walk and jogging with my partner. Its kind of difficult to take out time for work out and maintain a healthy diet when you are staying away from home working for an early morning shift.

One of those tiring days when we were exhausted and hungry, yet didn’t want to eat junk, we decided to look out for a point which would serve healthy and tasty meal. Within a premises of 3 kms we discovered this place called ‘Freshies Gourmet‘.

I have been crossing this Gachibowli Flyover everyday since last three years. Got attracted to this place with all well light , branded, most ‘check-in’ restaurant in this lane- CCD, Chinese Pavalion, Sweet Basket. But could never get my eyes on ‘ Freshies Gourmet’ which is right above these restaurant. Primarily because this is not well known amongst the young happening crowd and also as I have never seen promotions by them.

On entering Freshies I noticed very less crowd. Crowd here had guests from elite class, not very young, sophisticated, conversing about family and kids – or you can say rich people who are now diet conscious. I felt little out of the crowd, but didn’t bother. Went ahead to look up the menu and ordered Non Vegetarian Combo and one chicken pasta.

While I waited for my order to be served, felt positive about the interiors, homely furniture with hand crafted items at the show. Small library having good collection of books made available for the book lovers.

Freshies Gourmet-2Here was my order. Non- Vegetarian Combo having whole-wheat chicken sandwich and green salad tossed with olives, low fat mayonnaise , shredded chicken and sweet sauce, complimented with a healthy drink of watermelon (no added sugar) . Looked perfect meal after workout. All in just Rs 200. Chicken pasta for my friend was equally tempting and healthy. Yes, pasta can be healthy too. Macaroni pasta with shredded chicken made in olive oil, garnished with red and yellow bell pepper and sweet chilli dressing. All in just Rs 130. For the first time after a long I felt paying lesser for good food. Skimmed through the menu card again and saw that all dishes were reasonably priced. Varied from wraps , salads , healthy drinks to pastas.

Mostly while picking up on restaurant we tend to follow the crowd and go to places which are more talked about and lesser do we realise that what we eat should be healthy and you actually pay for the price.

Stay fit and eat healthy !!

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