Clever Fox – Hyderabad


Its a cafe in Redfox at Lemon Tree. I randomly decided to visit this place for dinner. There was a buffet having more than twenty multi cuisine dishes. Looked tempting and smelled great. Since I had already had a heavy lunch, opted to pick ala carte over buffet.After scanning the menu card ordered Italian.

White sauce pasta with shredded chicken and chicken salad. Just two dishes for two heads. Around ten minutes of waiting time which was well spent reading interesting facts about human printed on the table.
There comes our order,looked amazing with elegant presentation. Pasta, creamy and perfectly blend with shredded chicken, olives, corn, garnished with cheese and garlic bread for dip.


Chicken salad , to my surprise had more of chicken tossed with green leafs and topped with boiled egg. It tasted as good as it looked. Felt like complimenting the chef for the perfect course in such a short time. I have already decided to visit the cafe soon again to relish the buffet.

What made this place unique is the serving staff here. Except the master chef and person who took the order, rest all were differently abled. Yes, the staff employed by Lemon Tree are deaf and dumb, they do their job perfectly with a smile.They won’t hand over a feedback form to fill, rather the master chef himself comes to your table while closing and takes the feedback verbally. Jagat, from Bihar, working here since 8 years very proudly talks about the place and his food. Was surprised to have Italian course made by a Bihari which was flawless and fingerlicking.

Hats off to the great mind who implemented this idea of hiring only differently abled staff !!

It does make a lot of difference to their life and for us who have so much to learn from them !!

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