Cherai Beach- God’s permanent abode in God’s own Country Kerala

A mention of Kerala, brings up the images of sprawling tea gardens, sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, and serene yet lively backwaters. It’s so overwhelmingly beautiful that you wonder if your eyes can accommodate so much and yet, you want to absorb it all because you know there is no other place that God has been so generous with.
Amidst the green treasure is the urbane Kochi and just 25 away is a complete surprise package called Cherai CheraiBeach. I called it a package because it’s a delightful mix of beach, backwater, simplicity and luxury. The hinterland surprises you from the moment you set your foot on it. The simple rural road very clandestinely takes you to a very modest looking resort and you remain clueless of its beauty till you enter a very nondescript entrance.
There you come face to face with sheer nature that holds your hands as you walk along the manicured pathways. At the end of the pathway, the backwater quietly beckons you to its serene beauty. CheraiOver the backwaters there are pretty little cottages holding their ground happily. The resort is tastefully landscaped with flowers of every variety and trees that are so typically Kerala. To make it even more awesome, there are mote bridges, hammocks and small water bodies, adorned with lotuses, adding to the charm.
After taking in the eyeful, if you move back to the front of the resort, you hear the gentle melody of the lull of the sea and wonder what could be behind a crooked boundary that divides the resort from the beach area. You let out a squeal, for within few meters from the boundary, there is Cheraithe vast expanse of the sea gently calling you towards it. You go forward few steps and the sea waves, ever so softly, embrace your feet, kiss it and go back. Suddenly you’re one with nature like nobody else mattered.
Unlike other beaches, Cherai Beach is uncongested and there are very few tourists to disturb when you romance the sea. Some foreigners are seen sprawled on the sand soaking in the sun. Every precious moment is yours alone, to relish and to convert them into formidable memories.
It’s one of the rare places in India that is quiet, beautiful and not spoilt by murky marketeers. It remains a precious gem from the land of God-‘Kerala‘.

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