Chatpat Chaat – ”Sweet Basket” – Hyderabad

ChatpatChat2Hyderabad is now blooming with more outsiders. Hi-tech city and Gachibowli has lately developed to one the biggest corporate financial districts in India – and still growing. People from across the country are moving in, which widens the scope of restaurants to look beyond serving Hyderabadi Biryani and South Indian Food.


Here is one such outlet for Non- South Indian crowd. You get every variety of chaat and North Indian food. One visit is just not enough. Its almost four times in last two moths I visited this place. ‘Sweet Basket‘ in Gachibowli serves not just amazing sweets and baked products but chaats, paani poori, paratha, lassi, chole batore, samosa, kachori, paav bhaaji, vada pava, meals and much more. Typical North Indian taste, clean, very hygienic and yummiest of mouth watering dishes.

All dishes at this place ranges from 50-100 Rs only. You can come here for just fillers or having full meal. I’m sure the picture is tempting and you may see the chaat has curd, tamarind chutney, pomegranate,  grated beetroot and of course the main ingredient puri you can opt between suji or wheat flour. Chole Bathure seems just out from a Punjabi kitchen, served with pickle and spicy Chole. As I said , the variety they offer won’t let you just stop at first visit. It tempts you to go multiple times so that you can taste each of them atleast once. Lassi, for drinks has different flavours (badam, keser, sweet) you would love to sip.

A must visit for Chaat lovers.. Beginning or end of the month, without bothering about your pocket size, you may drop in anytime.

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