Belle Belle- A Night of Belly Dancing

A mention of the irresistible ‘Belly Dancing’ makes men drooling and women swooning. Such was the effect on us when we heard of a Belly Dancing Night at ‘Call it Grey’ Sector 29 Gurgaon on Independence Day eve. At INR 3000/- for a couple it was not drilling any hole in our pockets, especially because it came with a promise of unlimited snacks and drinks.

We reached there bang on time and met by some enormous looking men who gave us the passage with a smile which somehow enhanced our status and our expectations simultaneously. So were we disappointed? I can’t really say that. If Belly Dancing was about hot and sultry damsels there was every reason to be disappointed. But if you went for some eye pleasing moves and visual delight you couldn’t ask for more. The performer looked like the one you saw in Bollywood musical from the sixties. A sweet and innocent looking belle you one could move and chat with. A pure family entertainer (considering I was accompanied by my son). She took us to the floor, made us move to her tune and rhythm and magnanimously acknowledged our awkward moves with the joining of hands in a ‘Namaste’. Even the men in our company wanted to know “when will she go home? it was getting late!

Now coming to the hugely sold idea of unlimited food and drinks…The lesser said is better. There was very little choice of drinks and miserly served snacks were bad in quality. Chicken was stale and alas there the choice of non- veg snacks ended. Same was the status of veg snacks and we could not help being annoyed and disappointed. If you ask me to rate the experience on a scale of 10 I would rate it at 5. But if Belly Dancing was to come in the category of a family entertainer it was an evening well spent, after all.

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