Authentic melt in the mouth kababs from city of Nizam Hyderabad

If you are craving to have kababs and that too with authentic flavour of Hyderabad , here are two best places you can pick. Both are unique in their own ways.

Nawabi Palate is a Fine Dine AC restaurant in Somajiguda, which is a center of the twin city. Its a small hotel Kababwith limited staff to serve and few chefs. The ambience will sooth you with dim lights and dark walls. Usually crowded at peak hours. They have all authentic Hyderabadi dishes from chicken biryani to mutton curry. Kababs here has a strong flavour of cloves and relatively spicy. You need to plan out well to visit this place as they take little extra time to serve. In my first visit I noticed few customers getting annoyed and it was the same in second visit too. I realised why. From the dine area we can see the kitchen. Unlike other restaurant, Nawabi Palate don’t serve you pre- cooked food. They start cooking only after taking the order. So, it’s really fresh and hence time consuming. Overall a good experience. Have little patience while you visit and I’m sure the food won’t disappoint you.


Bade Miyaan Kabab‘ is probably the oldest in the city. Its an open small hotel in road side of Tank Bund Road , opposite to Hussain Sagar Lake. Like Nawabi Palate, there no wait time. During peak hours for lunch and dinner this place is overcrowded and mostly kabab with roti is something you can instantly order and eat. Kabab here is not spicy but tastes perfects due to the tenure in the market. The cheapest and best kababs you can have at this place. They have variety of it and would advise you the best as per your taste. Evenings are pleasant to dine here. Afternoons you can afford if you don’t mind the heat. I was craving for kababs for a very long time and these too were the perfect satisfaction !!

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