Anandaa’s is a pure vegetarian paradise found across Tamilnadu

Anandaa’s is a pure vegetarian restaurant, having its branches across Tamil Nadu. The closest to my home is the one in Coimbatore. Its the nearest city if you are travelling to Ooty.

It is not those four or five star hotel serving royal food. This place offers tiffins and meals round the clock. Being situated in the MTP (Mettupalayam) highway, considering the tourist , its open till late night . For tiffin you will find dishes like idli, variety of dosa, pongal, alloo poori etc. My favourite is the south Indian thaali which is termed as Meals.

South Indian Thaali
South Indian Thaali

Firstly, if you decide to order a meal, you should be really hungry and should have sufficient space in tummy to at least taste each item in the meal once. Yes, it becomes very heavy and the home food like tasting dishes won’t let you stop. The meal contains four vegetable – having tamilian flavour where the coconut dominates and curry leaves which you just can’t avoid. First to be consumed is the sweet piece (usually Jalebi). Plain white boiled rice that you would be required to have in portions as you’ll be served series of curries in a particular order. Starting with sambar, blended with coconut milk, fresh vegetables (mainly drumstick) and home made spice. Followed by a thick tamarind gravy known as (puli kuzhambu). Once the tangy taste sets in, next is butter milk (moor), its the diluted version of curd which needs to be mixed with rice. Last but not the least comes ‘Rasam’ , contains main ingredient as tamarind and pepper , known good for digestion. All these complimented with pickle and big papad. Once done with all this course, you must finish the kheer (paayasam) , could be made of rice or sabudana. Before closing the plate , you’ll be served one banana (elachi banana – smallest and the tastiest) followed by meetha paan.

Even though the meal of 15 items makes you full , you just can’t leave the place without having a filter coffee. Being a non-vegetarian myself and having tasted all vegetarian dishes across the country, this is the best meal I have ever had. ( Not being partial towards my hometown at all )
You might wonder how much you pay for all this .. Price is less than half of what you usually tend to shell out and satisfaction is double the price. The entire meal is just 110 bucks. That too if you dine in AC hall. If the weather permits you get all this in less than 100.

Most of you might not get a chance to visit the place , but in case if you drive down to Ooty, do stop in here for the perfect meal .


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