8 reasons for not breaking up when you think it’s going to end

There may be more than one occasion for you to believe that one of these days you’re going to pull the shutters down, but should you be in such a haste to call it a day? Some relationships are meant to stay even though you may feel you’ve reached the end of the road. Here are the reasons why you should make hay while the sun shines.

1. It may never end
The end may just be the fragment of your imagination. The reason you fear the doom may just be in your mind. Some relationships are for keeps. You need to believe and have faith and the fairy tale may spell ‘happily ever after’.

2. You don’t want to wake up in a vacuum.
No matter what emptiness a relationship brings with it, you still wake up each morning feeling loved as long as the break up doesn’t happen. The hollowness after break up is hard to bear. There’s nothing to lift up the spirit but a hopeless existence.

3. You look good when in love:
Never in your life have you paid so much attention to your appearance as when in love. That’s a million dollar feeling. Love not only brings cheer and happiness but also an urge to look good. To see the admiration in your love’s eyes means the world to you. With the feeling of love goes the interest in one’s appearance. The more you become callous towards your appearance the worse you feel as the days go by.

4. You wouldn’t want to miss sending across those vivacious clicks and the compliments that come with it –
Each moment becomes precious when in love. Whether it’s a setting sun or a rising moon, the site of ugly comes with some beauty in it. You love to share these moments with that someone special. Are you ready to lose the pleasure?

5. Feel good factor-
We go overboard when counting the miseries that love entails. But have you ever counted the moments of bliss? Compare and you’d know love is ecstatic. No other emotion can come even close to the feeling of exuberance that love brings.

6. Shoulder to cry on-
This is one shoulder you love to lean on anytime of the day. The problem maybe big or small but shoulder remains the same. The effect is instantaneous- here you spit out the toxics and there you feel purged. Only when you push the love away you come to understand how you’ve pushed away your support system and the tissue box to wipe your tears.

7. Who would you go on drives and dates with?
The rain, the sunshine, streams and mountains are never the same…everything is magical when in love. Try going for a drive alone or buy yourself a movie ticket. I can bet you’d realize the mistake. There are endless good times in those quiet candlelight dinners, drives through the dusty roads-romance of it all. Do you still think you’d rather stay alone?

8. Where will you find a better punching bag?
You own this punching bag and never let go the slightest of chance to punch it on the face. From a challenging day at office to missing a bus you’ve been blaming it on that hapless person who still lumps it all, because it makes you feel better.

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