Frozen Dessert – Secunderabad

Frozen-2The city is already touching temperature as high as forty degrees. Summer Begins !! Literally something you cannot escape while having commitments at work and home. Like, worst situation teaches you the best lesson. I discovered this place called Frozen Dessert, (AS Rao Nagar) around an hour away from where I stay. Without researching much, just decided to visit the place one Sunday.

Wow !! The ambience impressed me. I felt like entering a hill station with a snow fall. Felt like   heaven after riding in that hot sun. A small dessert parlour , floor completely covered with white sand (yes, you remove your footwear outside)Frozen-5, interiors with bamboo furniture and broken marble slabs placed as tables. You forget to eat if you have such a peaceful environment. From the list of desserts and snacks , I picked up Brownie with vanilla ice cream and waffle with tandoori chicken (dish of the day). Noticed around four to five staff, managing preparation and hosting all on their own. I could see the dishes being prepared, waffles were baked fresh and smell of chicken made me more hungry. While the waffle was served hot with mayonnaise , the dessert came after few minutes served in a marble square piece.


Frozen-4It was as good as having a meal because the quantity was worth the ride and the ambience kept my feet and mind cool. This place is usually known for ‘love birds’, but trust me , age is not a bar. I saw old couples and a family with kid too. So, this is the best , easiest and reasonable place to visit if you need an escape from Summer for a while !!


Stay Cool !! Frozen-6Happy Summers 2016!


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